Around 40 villages are covered by this CRS. The people of these villages are made aware of our broadcasting service, and should be motivated to listen to our programme. Then we invite them to take part in programmes for expressing their talent and views. For this, we have organised many camps like medical camp, AIDS awareness camp, herbal plants and medicine awareness camp, nutrition rich food materials, etc. Many community people attended them and shared their views. With the help of SHG women, we made them successful, and so, using our OB Van, many people come to our studio for indoor programme recording. We also go to them for outdoor programme recording, to their fields, shops, houses, etc. As we have some women production assistants, we are able to approach many villagers. Some programmes are recorded, after giving training in presentation, both in and out of the studio, and some other programmes are recorded in their natural way of presentation. We have already saved and guided Kumalam village people from diseases as a preventive measure with our own medical team. We have helped the people of Palayam village from the biting of wasp-like insects with help of Puducherry Forest Department. We helped the people of the village nearby to be saved from snake bites by proper guidance and medical advice. A programme on poison is often aired with the help of medical students. The people of R.R. Palayam, of Tamil Nadu under our coverage area suffer from stagnant water of a small river near it. It prevents them from going out as usual during rainy season and also infects them, since the water is badly polluted. A mini dam like construction has been made on the river to hold the water during rainy season by the Government of Puducherry. Water conservation and cleanliness is a matter of concern not only for the people of Puducherry but also of the neighbouring State of Tamil Nadu. This problem continues to confront the people, and is a topic often covered by Nila CR. Aarogya Nila is the name our signature programme. In our area medical based programmes are very famous and most attractive for the people particularly women and old aged people. They feel that if they are healthy they can attain anything. So to cater their needs we are broadcasting more medical programmes. They request for more programmes on preventive basis and treatment basis. The programmes broadcast will be covering various fields of medicine and moreover more orientation will be given on herbal medicines. We also concentrate on educating people to take nutritious food because it is preventive measure for any disease. To encourage people taking nutritious food camps, completions are conducted in every village around us. Above all we conduct regular free medical camp to people around our CRS and give free medicines to them. When ever to go for field to record programmes, we are getting very good feedback on the medical programmes. We are broadcasting the medical programmes every day at 11:00 am and also there will be a repetition. By broadcasting this medical programmes to cater the medical needs of the community around us we are very much happy since we are being the part of creating a disease less community around us.