InfraMind is the contest conducted by TCS-IT Infrastructure (IT IS) unit. It is a team event with 4 rounds to assess students in the area of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Networking. The overall objective of the contest is to develop an ecosystem of students who can participate and compete meaningfully in an ITIS domain. There were around 34000 contestants registered for the second season.
The first round was the Online Quiz where there were 3 levels with 30 questions each. The questions were based on all the 5 domains. In a stipulated amount of time, all the three levels have to be solved so as to clear the first round.
In the second round, the selected contestants were given the problem statements on all the five domains. They have to choose a domain and provide a solution as document. The teams who have provided a better idea were selected for the next round.
The third round was the Video Presentation round. According to the document produced in the previous round, the teams had to make a working model for the problem statement. The video was uploaded in YouTube and a document was uploaded. From this, only 10 teams were selected for the finals.
The final round was a hackathon based on the domain the teams have chosen. The Grand Finale took place in TCS-Synergy Park, Hyderabad. There were 10 teams with 2 teams in each domain. The teams were from various parts of India such as Puducherry, Surat, Haryana and Indore. Among the top 10 teams, 5 were from Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Puducherry. On 30th January, the hackathon was held for 5 hours and for each domain, a jury member was assigned to evaluate. All the finalists were evaluated individually. After the hackathon, an interview was conducted to assess the individuals technically. On 31st January, the members from the ITIS gave a presentation on brief overview of CBO-ITIS. . Then in the afternoon, the Grand Finale had started in the presence of the leading team of TCS. Every finalist was honored and then the winner was announced. Mr.Kirubakaran .N and Mr.Vijai.V, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Puducherry, won the title of InfraMind Season 2 then the other finalist Kirubakaran N., with Digital Offer ( 7 lakhs per annum), Vijai V., Mugundhan V., Gokul Raj S., Harshada , Shajitha B., have been given Ninja offer(3.36 lakhs per annum) and teams from third years Sagana R., Inti Satyapriya Harshini, Ganesh.K , Nishaanth.R.M, have been given Internship at Tata Consultancy Services.