Department of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

EEE Students Bags National Award

The ISTE students national convection 2019 is conceptual in the platform for the learners in sustainable development of nation at large. This convection is one of the largest student convection in today’s time. It will have about 70 different events in various categories and more than 10,000 students from various engineering college and universities are participating across the nation.
21st ISTE Student National Convection held on 29th & 30th January 2019 at Lalbhai Dhalpatbhai College of Engineering, Ahmadabad (Gujarat). During Function, Third year EEE students Ms. S. ILAKKIYA, Ms. S. MADHUMITHA from Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College had received PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY AWARD FOR YOUNG ENGINEER INNOVATORS and also received FIRST PRIZE along with cash and certificate from Prof. PRATAPSINH KAKASO DESAI, President of ISTE , New Delhi and Prof. VIJAY D.VAIDYA, Executive Secretary of ISTE, New Delhi.
The Students have done project titled SHOE BASED AMBULATORY PREVENTION OF DIABETIC FOOT ULCERS. The objective of the collaborative enterprise is to survey the crucial points of the diabetic patients. Through crucial points, the conditions of the diabetic patients are ascertained. Irregularity of the sugar level leads to peripheral neuropathy. Through various sensors, the pressure, sweating rate, peak plantar pressure and flow of blood at the foot in high risk ulcer condition are observed. The parameters are processed with microcontroller, if the parameter value exceeds the threshold points, an indication is provided through a buzzer. The mastery of the foot condition is known and amputation risks are reduced.