The Discipline of engineering that deals with the principles of physics and material science is termed as Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for designing machines and tools. It is one of the broadest and the oldest engineering disciplines and is often referred to as the mother of engineering studies.

Our aim is to provide the students a perfect blend of academic as well as practical experiences which helps them to serve the society and fulfills the needs industrial sector. At the end of our program, students are prepared for entry-level work as a mechanical engineer as well as for the postgraduate study in mechanical engineering or in other discipline, where a fundamental engineering background constitutes a desirable foundation.

The Academic activities are well supported by state-of-the-art laboratories. Academic course work and projects are designed to endow students with the ability to apply knowledge of Science, Mathematics and Engineering the capability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, providing leadership and technical expertise.

With a solid grounding in the principles and practice of mechanical engineering undergraduates are ready to engage in ethical approaches to engineering, with concern for society and the environment. Program at the postgraduate level aligns academic course work with research, to prepare scholars in specialized areas within the field of mechanical engineering research topics focus on industrial needs.

Scope and Opportunities of the Department

  • A Mechanical Engineer’s job nature will change according to the type and domain in which they are working in the field of specialization. A mechanical engineer works how to design and control a system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and product. They tests new systems for feasibility, efficiency and carry out quality management process.
  • Mechanical Engineers work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper and power generation industries.
  • Mechanical Engineers will be preferred virtually in any manufacturing industry. Increasingly, mechanical engineers are also needed in the environmental and bio-medical fields.
  • Mechanical Engineers could work in many industries including private or public sector industries of various types. They can seek employment in government departments like Posts and Telegraphs, Defense, PWD and CPWD. Other departments such as aeronautical, agricultural, automobile, chemical and power plants, as well as the railways, need mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery.
  • Mechanical Engineers are mostly required in automobile, chemical, electronics, steel plants, oil exploration and refining, technical wings of armed forces.
  • Candidates with post graduate degree or an additional management degree could find job in administrative and managerial positions in government departments or public and private sector industries. Those who interested in research activities can work with many public and private research organizations. These engineers can also choose teaching profession in technical institutions.

Courses Offered

S.No. Course Specialization Duration Intake
1 B.Tech Mechanical Engineering 4 Years 240
2 M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering 2 Years 24
3 Ph.D Mechanical Engineering Tentative Tentative