Vision & Mission


Envisioning a world class technical education by synergizing quality education and training in instrumentation engineering with an emphasis on the application of theory into practice by providing high quality man power, through innovative teaching and learning practices.


To create a diverse, progressive educational environment and systematic approach in integrating the use of technology into its academic instructional programs so that the students and faculty can fully expose themselves to the new technology as an essential tool in the continuous teaching and learning processes.

Programme Educational Objectives

The Department of Instrumentation & control engineering seeks its student to attain the following objectives at the time of their graduation.

  • To produce talented instrumentation and control specialists who can cater to the needs of the modern industries
  • To educate and enhance student’s skill to make them highly qualified professionals for the instrumentation process industries, facilitating them to handle composite industry problems and to provide real time solutions
  • To impart entrepreneur skill in order to pursue their aspiration in this field
  • To explore the wide range of opportunities in pursuing higher studies and research work in their field.

Programme Outcomes

Graduates of B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE) Programme :

  • Have ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and engineering fundamentals to the field of instrumentation & control.
  • Possessed a comprehensive understanding of a wider range of electronic devices, analog and digital electronic circuits and the advanced electronic systems invariably found in every measurement and instrumentation system,
  • acquire the right knowledge and exposure to a variety of sensors, data acquisition systems, actuators, and control methodologies to readily provide innovative solutions to the day-to-day problems in the core industry.
  • would have learnt necessary skills to develop mathematical models, and deploy appropriate techniques and IT tools to design advanced control systems and associated instrumentation for problems dealt in R & D organizations,
  • would have gained adequate knowledge in microprocessors and microcontrollers, embedded systems, data structures, algorithms, computer programming and simulation software to be able to offer services in IT and management sectors,
  • able to evaluate and deliver the solutions by optimally utilizing the available resources, including finances and project time, by adapting appropriate resource management techniques,
  • able be competent to apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • would have committed to be professionally ethical,
  • would pledge to function efficiently in various capacities as members, leaders, and directors in multi-disciplinary teams to accomplish projects of different magnitudes, and
  • would have recognized the need for engaging themselves in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


The Primary goal of the department is to prepare the students for a successful professional career in the respective discipline. The curriculum is structured to provide each student with a sound background in Engineering science and a thorough foundation for the analysis and design of electronics, computer and digital systems.

Short Term Goals

  • To achieve 100% result and placement
  • To conduct Symposium, Workshop, Conferences for strengthening the knowledge of students
  • To enhance the participation of students and staff members in National and International seminars and conferences
  • To modernize all laboratories and keep them up to date considering the latest requirements and developments in thrust areas
  • To encourage faculty members to get involved in research programme leading to award of Doctoral Degree
  • To make the students employable with high integrity to be placed in the reputed companies and to provide students to the nation to actively participate in Research and Consultancy services through quality education

Long Term Goals

  • To improve research and development activities in the department
  • To strengthen Industry – Institute interaction by undertaking applied research and development oriented projects by students and faculty members
  • To endeavor the Department towards a world class Educational institution, by producing professionals with high technical knowledge and expertise in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering