Details of Innovative Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Name of the Students Name of the investigator Status of the Project Participated / Collaboration


Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors In Industries

M. Karthigeyan      

Dr. M. Subba


K. Namashivayam 

S. Sivasami            

B. Sunil Shaajan     


Hand Gesture Recognition Using Image Processing for Visually Impaired  and Dumb People


Mr. J. Jeevanandham


Arun kumar. S


Yayad Damodran


Voice Based Surveillance System For Detecting Phishing

Aneesh Gowtham.P

Dr. V. Sujatha



Benin Moses.E

Harish Babu.B


PLC and Mobile application  based lab automation


Mr. N. Nagarajan


Noman Ashraf

Glorin Victor Raj




Analyzing EMR from mobile and minimizing its  hazards


Mr. N. Nagarajan


Mohammed Tasleem.A




A wearable remote patient monitoring system using Raspberry PI

Mohammed Kasim

Mr. J. Jeevanandham






Investigation On Hybrid Renewable Energy System


Dr. V. Sujatha



Suresh Krishna C.S


Design of Digital Fuel Indicator Using Ultrasonic Sensor


Mr. J. Jeevanandham





Real-Time Automated Board Eraser Using Embedded System


Mr. N. Nagarajan




Project 1

Title of the Project:Programmable Logic Controller and Mobile application based LabAutomation


In order to save energy and time, to ensure safety as well as to reduce the human intervention, automation plays a vital role in today’s human life. Though there has been significant development, individual’s routine task has to be automated. In our proposed work, smart phones are used for automation as they are used throughout the day. In addition to above, PLC and Microcontroller are also used for automation. Lab automation (Industrial automation lab) allows us to control lab appliances such as computers, Programmable logic controllers, pump, lights and fans. Using this technology, in lab, fire accidents due to short circuits can be prevented, the usage of high power handling equipment or hazardous equipment in the absence of lab in-charge can be sensed and automatic ON/OFF of devices can be done. Lab automation has been done with low cost using Programmable logic controller (PLC) and Mobile application to monitor and control lab equipment remotely using the smart phone. The most efficient technology for short range wireless communication- IR blaster is used to automate the system. Unexpected fire accidents due to the carelessness of the lab in-charge can be prevented and the lab equipments can be switched OFF with the smart phone.

Hardware Setup of Digital Fuel Indicator Using Ultrasonic Sensor

Project 2

Title of the Project:Analyzing EMR from mobile and minimizing its hazards


This project, “ANALYZING EMR FROM MOBILE AND MINIMIZING ITS HAZARDS” is developed for detecting the radiations from mobiles and also to decrease the hazardous level of radiation. It is used to detect the amount of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted by the mobile phones and it gives an alert to the mobile user which is the safest level and hazardous level. RF antenna acts as sensor to detect the mobile radiation and gives output as voltage. The output from the detector circuit gives into Analog to Digital Converter circuit because it is continuous signal. Then this part is interfaced with microcontroller. 8051 Microcontroller will display radiations level emitted from mobiles. In order to reduce radiation emitted from mobile, anti-radiation patches can be pasted in mobile phone. Comparative analysis of radiation level of mobile with and without anti-radiation patches are analyzed

Hardware Setup for Analyzing Electro Magnetic Radiation from Mobile phone

Project 3

Title of the Project: A wearable remote patient monitoring system using Raspberry PI


The mortality rate has increased in India due to the time lag to monitor and take care of the patients. Frequent check-up of the patient condition is also not possible. To overcome these situations, we have designed a device that can be used in home or hospital to measure and monitor various parameters like ECG, Body temperature and Blood pressure using Internet of Things (IOT), Raspberry Pi and GSM module. Our system is designed to be used in Home or hospital for measuring and monitoring various parameter like ECG, Body temperature and Blood pressure. By using open source technology Internet of Things (IOT) makes all objects interconnected and it has been recognized as the next technical revolution. The results can be recorded using Raspberry Pi displayed on a HMI interface display. Also the results can be sent to server using IOT and saved for future usage. For non-internet user receive text message using GSM module. Doctors can login to a website and view the patients health condition even if they are in remote places.

Hardware Setup of Patient Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi

Project 4

Title of the Project:Design of Digital Fuel Indicator Using Ultrasonic Sensor


In this digitized world, if the fuel indicator in the automobiles is also made digital it will help to identify the exact amount of fuel available in the fuel tank. For this purpose, we are ultrasonic sensor as the main unit. This is due to the aspects that the technology can be used for measuring wind speed and direction, tank or channel level, and speed through air or water. This ultrasonic criterion perfectly fixes the need of sensor to detect the fuels level in the fuel tank. When measuring the tank or channel level, the sensor measures the distance to the surface of the fluid. It is invented to detect the fuel level in the vehicle tank as the input and the percentage of the tank from its full capacity will be displayed on the LCD screen. This eventually should ease the user to estimate the fuel that they need to have for their journey. At the same time this type of product will save the fuel from being wasted and in another way consume the cost of the user itself.

Hardware Setup of Digital Fuel Indicator Using Ultrasonic Sensor

Project 5

Title of the Project:Real-Time Automated Board Eraser Using Embedded System


This project is about finding a real time solution for the problems caused by the chalk pieces used in the class room. To overcome the problems that are faced daily by the students and faculty, our project entitled ‘Real Time Automatic Blackboard Eraser using Embedded System’ has been suggested to automatically erase the blackboard. The Asthma patients and those who are allergic to dust cannot sit near the blackboard. Based on the problems faced by the faculty and the students, a case study was made. The case study illustrated about major issues, caused by chalk dust which can accumulate in the human respiratory system and cause problems.

Hardware Setup of Automated Board Eraser