A young mind is the sharpest mind. It learns quickly and acts quicker. The education system today focuses on books and rote-learning, but times are changing as these young geniuses, who chose to take a different path, have proved. They have picked machines over books and ideas over words.

As a part of the academic curriculum, the students are required to carry out a project work during their final year. Among them few of our final year students have come up with innovative ideas. Students have completed a prototype and demonstrated the working of their model before our faculty members. To enhance the spirit of doing innovative project by the students, our institution awards Rs. 10000/- to the best project every year on Engineers Day. The projects done by our students were evaluated on 19/04/2017 by Dr.S. Govindaradjane, Professor, Department of civil Engineering , Pondicherry Engineering College Pondicherry and Shri. S. Suresh, Executive Engineer, PWD, Puducherry and Governing Council Mmeber, ICI. The following four projects were selected as best project by them.





Mini Projects

As a part of the curriculum, the pre – final year students are required to carry out a mini project work during their third year. Among them few of our students have come up with innovative ideas. Students have completed a prototype and demonstrated the working of their model in the project expo conducted on innovators day -2017. One of our pre-final year batch (2015-19) consisting of 3 students have come up with an innovative idea of Pramo Wall (an innovation in interlocking bricks), which is a product for reducing the construction time


Abstract: Failure of long span suspension bridges due to wind action and heavy load causes various damages and risk of life of the people surrounding the bridge. Even though the suspension bridges are constructed considering aerodynamic torsional stability of the bridge in the event of heavy wind action and the loads on the bridge which will be carried by the curved cables to the towers and to the ground, in some cases the bridge fails (for example: Tacoma narrows bridge in Washington collapsed by twisting of the structure). In these circumstances, we cannot oppose the whole disaster of the bridge, but we can provide some safety precautionary measures to the people surrounding the environment when there is high wind and heavy load acting on the bridge. Here we adopted the method of placement of sensors in suspension bridges which will detect the heavy wind flow and permissible live load on the bridge. Our proposed model contains gyro sensor, limit switch and barriers at the entry and exit of the bridge to control the heavy load on the bridge. The deflection of the bridge is also displayed.



  • The gyro sensors detect the angular velocity and when it exceeds the limit, it makes an alert to the people by ringing an alarm and also it displays the deflection of the bridge in x-axis and y-axis.
  • A limit switch is provided which detects the load and in case of heavy load on bridge, it controls the barriers which allow only certain vehicle load and other live load to be on the bridge by opening and closing of the barrier confirming the safe load on the bridge.
  • In this way we can monitor the structural behavior of the bridge.




Abstract: Indian Railways is the lifeline of the nation. Stations are standardised with footbridges & subways. But many trespass across railway tracks – punishable offense. In order to avoid this we are proposing sliding pavements. Every train accident brings in the issue of safety in Indian Railways. People do cross as a train is pulling into the station. “I know crossing the tracks like this is wrong, but I’m not going to take the overpass and walk so far when I’m already late” to answer this question and to help passengers with heavy luggage as well as the elderly and differently abled to move from one platform to another. Thus saving time and energy, avoiding accidents and to help the travellers who arrive at last minute. The sliding pavement of cover board will connect 2 platforms automatically once the train is sensed. Instead of the usual IR sensor RF reader is used for sensing. This platform will have illuminated pictograms which will light up when a train is approaching and a beep sound. A barrier is provided until the train leaves the platform. Two platforms at the ends can be kept in use even when the trains are in the station and these closes only when a train moves along the track.
  • To help the elderly and differently able to reach the next platform without climbing the footbridge.
  • Helps the people to move their heavy luggage easily from one platform to the other.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Avoids accidents.
  • Helps travelers who arrive at last minute.




Abstract: The project is to study about purification of water with the help of membranes and activated carbon. For maximum purification the water was sucked into the filter through a motor and is passed through membranes the water was purified with different layers of the stones and gravels the water was let out using two outlets using activated carbon on one side filter on other side the pH, turbidity are checked before and after purification process the water is checked before and after the filtration process. The impurities were removed from water and presented clean.
  • The water provided is clean and healthy
  • The process is simple and efficient
  • The cleaning and processing are easy