Industrial Visit

Industry/ Place visited Date Year/ Sem Related to subject No. of. Students visited
Field visit to SMVMCH STP site 10.01.2015 III / VI & II / IV Building Construction 96
Field visit to SMVEC site 08.01.2015



III / VI & II / IV Building Construction 96
Sathanur Dam 15.02.2015 III / VI Hydrology and water resources 68
SERC, Taramani 15.02.2015 III / VI Structural Engineering 60
Mettur Dam 21.02.2015 III / VI Hydrology and water resources 56
NLC, Neyveli 05.03.2015 II / IV Advanced Structures 66
Chennai Metro Water treatment plant at Chembarapakkam WTP & Sewage Treatment Plant at Koyambedu. 26.06.2015 III / V Environmental Engineering I & II 48
Visit to Mettur Dam. 18.07.2015 III/ V Hydrology and water resources 47
Ramco Cement Plant, Pennadam. 08.08.2015 III / VI Concrete Technology 64
CSIR – SERC, Taramani. 14.08.2015 III / VI Structural Engineering 51
Veedur Dam 02.01.2016 II / IV Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machineries 53
Fossil park, Thiruvakkarai. 02.01.2016 II / IV Geo-science Engineering Lab 53
Ponlait Milk Processing Industry, Kurumbampet. 21.01.2016 III / VI Industrial Waste Disposal and Treatment 62
Sugar Industry, Nellikuppam. 23.01.2016 II / IV Industrial Waste Disposal and Treatment 62
Mettur Dam, Water works Dept., Trichy. 13.02.2016 III / V Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machineries 64
Nuclear Power Plant, Koodangulam. 26.02.2016 to 27.02.2016 III/ V Structural Design 62
Southern Railways Training Centre, Chennai. 11.03.2016 III / VI Transportation Engineering – I 62
Veedur dam 16.07.2016 II / III Hydrology and water resources engineering 83
Field visit to University block 25.07.2016 II / III Building Construction 15
NLC, Neyveli 27.8.2016 III / V Geotechnical engineering 62
Ultratechcement,Ariyalur 11.02.2017 II / IV Concrete Technology 79
Chembarapakkam Water Treatment Plant 03.03.2017 II / IV Environmental Engineering II 83
Field visit to MIT site 16.06.2017


IV/VII Building Construction 17
Field visit to MIT site 19.06.2017



IV/VII Building Construction 17
Field visit to MIT site 26.06.2017



IV/VII Building Construction 17
Sewage Treatment Plamt,Chennai 28.07.2017 III / V Environmental Engineering II 83
Fossil park, Thiruvakkarai&

Veedur Dam

12.08.2017 II/ III Geo-science Engineering Lab &

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machineries

Veedur dam

The students of 2015-2019 batch visiting Water Treatment Plant, Chembarampakkam, Chennai gained knowledge about various process of treating water.

Veedur dam

The students of 2015-2019 batch visiting Ultratech Cement, Ariyalur for updating knowledge on cement.

Visit Sugar Industry, Nellikuppam

The staffs and students interacting after visiting fossil park and visualized the characteristics of fossils in Fossil park, Thiruvakkarai.

Veedur dam

The working of Nuclear Power Plant at Koodangulam given to students by employee and linked to theoretical concepts by Mr. S. Jayakumar, HOD, Civil Engineering, SMVEC

Veedur dam

After interaction section between students, staff and employee in NLC, Neyveli

Veedur dam

The work methodology explained for Ponlait Milk Processing Industry in Kurumbampet

Veedur dam

The students after keen interaction of various facilities in CSIR – SERC, Taramani.

Veedur dam

The explanation on work performance of railways by employee of Southern Railways Training Centre, Chennai to students.

A visit to fossil park, Thiruvakkarai

Veedur dam

The students of 2014-2018 batch eagerly learning feature of dam in Veedur dam

Veedur dam

The students of 2015-2019 batch visiting Veedur dam for updating knowledge on dam


The department of civil engineering had arranged many workshops. All these workshops are oriented towards hands on training to the students for giving an in-depth practical knowledge.

Concern providing Training Software / Course No. of Students visited Date Year / Sem Related to Subject
Audrino Workshop Application of Electronics in Civil Engineering 83 19.08.2017 III / V Inter- Disciplinary
Ramco Cement Nominal mix design and importance of cube casting by Ramco Cements. 62 26.09.2017 IV / VII Concrete Technology
Total Station Ladder Surveying and Instrumentation, Chennai. 242 19.02.2016 & 20.02.2016 III / VI & II / IV Surveying
Workshop Good Construction Practices in the field. 242 06.08.2015 II / III III / V IV / VII Construction methods and equipments
Geo-polymer Concrete Mix Design for Geo-polymer concrete. 62 14.03.2015 III / VI Concrete Technology
Skyfi Labs Siesmic Design of Buildings 83 13.03.2015 to 14.03.2015 II / IV Structures

One day workshop on concrete mix design

Total Station Workshop by Ladder Survey, Chennai

Applications of Electronics in Civil Engineering



The toppers from every year have been sent for an intership to the core companies to correlate their technical knowledge with field knowledge as well as updating their core trend

Organisation No. of Students attended Duration Year/Sem Related to Subject
ECONSTRUCT 8 1 Month III / VI Structural Analysis & Design


Guest Lectures

The Department of Civil Engineering had organized many Guest lectures on the note of making the students to shine well in industries. Speakers from various body of Civil engineering were invited to share their experiences and recent advancement in their field.

Topic Resource Person Date Year / Sem
Estimation, Costing & Evaluation Er. Murugan, Project Manager from SMVMCH 24.08.2017 III / VI
Lecture on about the importance of design of concrete structures. Er. A. Sithanandhan, Rtd. Junior Engineer, PWD, Puducherry 15.09.2017 IV / VII
The concepts of construction and its functioning in site given Er. R. Vengadessan 20.07.2017 III / V
Water and Jobs “ISTE sponsored GL for World Water Day”. Er. V. Muthuvijayan, Former Special Chief Engineer, TNPWD. 19.03.2016 II &III / IV VI
Soil stabilization Er. N.J.L. Ramesh, Aashirrwaad Geotechnical Consultancy, Puducherry. 05.03.2016 III / VI
Estimation , Costing & Valuation Er. Murugan, Project Manager, SMVMCH, Kalitheerthalkuppam. 30.01.2016 III / VI
Er. K. Jayasankar, ICI – Vice president (South) – Elect Challenges in making Durable Concrete. 16.09.2015 II/ III & III / V & IV / VII
Sequence in Construction work Capt. Prathapan from Architect _Interspace. 07.09.2015 IV / VII
“Good Construction Practices” Mr. R. Sivaramakrishnan,TechnicalExecutive,JK Cement Ltd. 06.08.2015 II/ III & III/V
Importance of Geotechnical Engineering in Construction Er. N. Ramesh, CEO, Aashirvaad Analytical Laboratory. 11.07.2015 III / V
Building Bye-laws Mrs. T. Aruna 11.07.2015 II / III
Motivational lecture Mr. MusiPughazhendi 07.07.2015 II / III
Interview cracking guidelines Mr. SandeepPingale, CEO, ENCONSTRUCT, Bangalore. 06.07.2015 IV / VII
Dr. TasneemAbbassi, Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Pondicherry University. E- waste management in developing countries 14.03.2015 III / VI
Mr. O. Arivazhagan, CEO, from IIPM, Chennai. Project Management in Civil Engineering 06.03.2015 II / IV & III / VI
Er.Ramachandran, JK Cements Pvt Ltd. Good Construction practices 26.02.2015 II / IV & III / VI
Er. Suresh, R&D Head, Ramco cements. Nominal mix design and importance of cube casting 26.02.2015 II / IV & III / VI
Mr. AkulaPavan, Project Engineer, AECOM, Singapore. Real-time applications of Geotechnical Engineering 18.02.2015 II/ IV & III / VI